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The Athenian Day Spa Franchise

Due to rapid urbanization and changes in lifestyle, stress levels in modern society are increasing day by day. As a result, a growing number of consumers are availing spa services to keep themselves stress-free. This presents an exciting opportunity in the world of spa which is growing by 35-40% every year. We are different than other spas as we offer several modules of business to suit the location & whole beauty and fitness services. Athenian Day Spa presents entrepreneurial opportunities for professionals who would like to be part of this growth story and run their own show!


With a unique combination of SPA / SALON / SKIN / SLIMMING / YOGA Services, business model and investment that is a fraction of other spas, it offers great returns.


The fast-paced extension of the Athenian Day Spa will be due to the unique franchise system, by which the franchisee will obtains the right to use the Athenian Day Spa’s name and services. The franchisee, in turn, has to acquire training in specialized treatments in Athenian Day Spa Training school of beauty therapy and also satisfy the stringent requirements of Athenian Day Spa.


Basic Requirement of becoming a part of the group:

  • A commitment to excellence
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Financial Stability
  • A passion to succeed
  • Prior experience in beauty & cosmetics would be an added advantage although it is not absolutely essential
  • Investment and Location – details will be given after personal interview.


Franchisee Guidance Program

  • When you invest in Athenian Day Spa, you benefit from a comprehensive support program that begins from the moment you sign on. We will lead you every step of the way. Our franchise support program has been designed with the success of our franchisees in mind. We have applied our experience in creating a system that is easy to understand and to implement. You will receive:


Technological Know-how and Support

  • License Agreement to use our name, logo and trademark in specifically defined market.
  • Guidance in Staff Selection & Training
  • Comprehensive initial and continuous training in all facets of our business to the franchisees and staff with regular upgrading
  • Salon and Spa setup training


Marketing Support

  • Guidance on Advertisement Strategy
  • Guidance on Market Research
  • Guidance on Beauty Counseling
  • Guidance on Sales Promotion


Spa Setup Assistance

  • Advice and assistance in real estate selection and negotiations.
  • Guidance on interior Design & Layout And Furniture Assistance


Administrative Support

  • Advise on Inquiry, Enroll
  • Advice on Invoicing & Inventory Control system etc.
  • Advice on Methodologies & SOPs of running a Salon
  • Product knowledge delivered by our staff


Eligibility Requirements of Athenian Day Spa Franchise

  • You shall be required to sign a Franchise Agreement with terms and conditions specified.
  • You must be prepared to abide by the high standards set by the Athenian Day Spa Group, so as to maintain a high level.
  • As a franchisee, you have to make the effort to come closer and closer to Athenian Day Spa brand name and vision.
  • You must undergo the professional beauty training and advanced diploma courses conducted by the Athenian Day Spa.
  • You will be required to have the desired minimum area / kind of location for the premises.
  • You will be required to follow the standard architectural and interior design of the premises, acquire name boards, logo, letterheads, etc., in the specified style, to project the desired distinct identity.
  • In other words, the franchise salon in essence, will be an exact replica of Company owned salons, not only in terms of look and feel, but also product and service offerings, communication and customer strategy.
  • The Athenian Day Spa franchise will change your life totally, converting you into a successful entrepreneur, with the kind of confidence only the Athenian Day Spa name can give.


If you are found eligible you will derive the following benefits:

  • You will be associated with the internationally acclaimed Athenian Day Spa’s name, the leader in Spa and beauty care.
  • You will have the benefit of a business model with proven phenomenal success.
  • You will enjoy the goodwill that has been built up by investing several years of dedication and excellence in the field.
  • You will be associated with products and treatments, which have become world-renowned for their efficacy.
  • You will be associated with a dynamic organization that keeps introducing and incorporating new innovations and latest techniques.
  • You will be part of a growth oriented chain, where the only goal is to succeed.
  • You will have the benefit of a wide and established distribution network.


Pre Launch Benefits:

  • Site selection & negotiation
  • Support in agreement & legal guidelines
  • Support in Interior design
  • Contractor liaison
  • Support in Architecture Design
  • Franchisee training
  • Employee recruitment & training
  • Equipment selection and purchase of Consumables from exclusive vendors
  • Inventory setup and planning


Post Launch Benefits:

  • Support in marketing including central tie ups & digital marketing
  • Periodic internal audits & quality control
  • Employee recruitment & training
  • Periodic reviews for sales, operations & marketing
  • Seasonal introductions of new services
  • Assistance in planning promotions & events
  • Surprise audits
  • Public relations though social media
  • Adoption of new technology



          Space Requirement

    1800-2200 Sq. Ft. (Carpet Area)


     4 years, renewable after that


     12% of the sales payable every month


As a franchisee, you will become an important link in the renowned Athenian Day Spa chain of franchise ventures.

Franchisee form

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I understand that Submitting the franchise form doesn't guarantee a franchise allotment, it is for registering and keeping track of all queries, the company and the promoters are under no obligation to consider your request and shall act on their absolute discretion in allotting franchises without giving any reasons


Apart from being financially stable, you only need to be desirous to excel with Enthusiasm, hard working and have an excellent work attitude. Strong character and high motivation are significant traits more important than previous experiences in business are essential ingredients for success. You can rest assured that together with our extensive training your performance towards success will be enhanced.